◆A Birding Trip to Zao


A Birding Trip to Zao(by Will)


  We’ve been stuck1 inside for a couple of months now, but recently with Sendai opening up we, my circle of friends and family, are starting to venture out2 into the world.


  It was just a few days ago that Paul and I did our first post Covid3 trip together to Izumigatake and this time we decided to really go for it4 and get up the mountains of Zao and see the Okama.



  I hadn’t been there for several years (we used to go every year). Though the Okama is really beautiful if you’re lucky enough to be there when the weather is clear, our real goal was a bird that’s often hopping around on the remaining snow islands5 around it – the Alpine Accentor (岩ひばり).




As the name suggests6, it’s most likely seen high in the mountains.


Of course it was too far away for a photo.


We got it really quickly and I wonder what the other visitors thought we were so excited about? High-fiving7 about the Okama?


We stopped at several places on the way back down to see what we could see.


I have one bird that I really want to see – the Nutcracker (ホシガラス). It’s not rare or anything, I’ve just never seen one. I was really hoping to see one on this trip ( it, too, is a mountain bird), but no luck8


Next time!


1 be stuck : 身動きが取れずにいる
2 venture out  : 思い切って乗り出す
3 post Covid : 新型コロナ後の
4 go for it : 思いっきりやる
5 island : 孤島のようになっている場所
6 suggest : ~を示唆する
7 high-five : ハイタッチをする
8 no luck : ついていない























 蔵王へは数年間行っていませんでした(僕たちはいぜんh毎年行っていましたから)。とてもついていて天候が良い時にそこにいるという幸運に見舞われれば、お釜は本当に美しいのですが、僕たちの目的はお釜ではなく、その周りのまだ雪が残っている場所をチョンチョンと飛び跳ねている鳥 — 岩ひばりだったのです。















 名前の通り(英語で「高山で目立つもの(=the Alpine Accentor)」、山の上の方で見られる鳥です。












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