◆A Fruit Plate in the Garden



A Fruit Plate in the Garden


   This summer, a very nice looking fruit plate appeared in our garden.


  I know — it looks fun, right? … but it’s not for people. Can you guess what this plate is for? Believe it or not,1 it’s for butterflies!


  Will read in an article2 somewhere that in the summer butterflies sometimes have a hard time finding3 enough food.


  We could also tell4 that when we looked around in our garden. It was too hot for flowers to keep blooming5. That means that there was little6 food for them.


  Will followed the instructions7, and prepared the fruit plate for the butterflies. He used some old fruit(it’s best if it’s almost rotten8), and sugar water as well9. We often fed humming birds when we went to Seattle, but Will said sugar water for butterflies is much less sweet. (Humming birds flap10 their wings so forcibly11, so maybe they need more energy from the same ammount of suger water.)


  One more important thing is how we present it. That is really cute! They love vivid loud colors, so we gathered some bright-colored things from the house, like a small dish and a candle holder. (Just for your information, humming birds also like bright red!)


  Will put it in the garden around Obon, so I bet that someone must have thought that it is some Western religious12 ritual13.


  There’s less rain now and it seems like there are more butterflies. I hope the butterflies can enjoy our free buffet13!



1 Believe it or not, : (信じるか信じないか、スゴイ話があるんだけど)
2 article : 記事
3 have a hard time doing : ~するのに苦戦する
4 can tell : そうと分かる
5 bloom : 咲く
little : 少しの~もない

7 instruction : 指示・やり方

8 rotten : 腐った

9 as well : ~も同様に
flap : ~をパタパタさせる

◆11 forcibly
: 力強く

◆12 religious : 宗教の
◆13 ritual : 儀式






































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