◆A Long Way to Halloween


A Long Way to Halloween

  In the blog of July 30, Will talked about his pumpkins. And now a bit of catch up1.
  They kept growing okay for a while2, but the long summer heat with the wet air started treatening3 the pumpkins. In early September, he noticed the skin4 of one pumpkin had started to rot5 and the stem6 of another pumpkin had started to rot, too.  OMG!7
  We wanted them to stay in the field until Halloween. However, it’s so risky8 to leave them out there because the heat and typhoons could rot them, so we decided to bring them in the house and dry them quickly.
  Getting the pumpkins from the field.
  Taking the pumpkin next to our house. Our neighbors helped us!

  After getting them home, rotting is still a big worry. Will scraps off the rotten parts, puts bleach on, drys the spot with a fan and the air conditioner, and applys floor wax. Sometimes we keep a fan on9 all night long!
  Now, two of the four pumpkins have dried nicely and look like they are out of danger — which means they will make it to Halloween. The other two, we are not so sure and still need treatment.
  Do you remember? I said we decided to bring them IN THE HOUSE. We don’t have a big storage place like famers do, so we are living closely with those pumpkins!! At the end of the day, when I’m relaxing in the living room, surrounded by the pumpkins with the cat and the dog sleeping next to me, I feel like I’m a farmer girl!!
  Anyway, I hope they survive until Halloween!! Good luck, Will!



1 catch up : 追いつくこと
2 for a while : しばらく
3 threaten : ~を脅かす
4 skin : (果物・野菜の)皮
5 rot  : 腐る
6 stem : へたの部分
7 OMG! = Oh, my god!
8 risky : 危険な
9 keep + O + on : ~をつけっ放しにしておく















































 今は、4つ出来たうち2つは上手く乾いてくれて、危険を回避したように見えます。— ハロウィーンまで大丈夫そう。もう2つはまだ分かりません。まだ処置を施す必要がありそうです。











 ま、このカボチャたちがハロウィーンまでもってくれることを祈って!! 頑張れ、ウィル!
















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