◆A Miracle!


A Miracle! (by Will)


  A miracle happened to me! I had completely given up on1 my pumpkins this year, but recently 2 pumkins started growing!
  As you know (if you look back at the past blogs, you can see), I grow pumpkins every year. For the last several years, I grew a kind of pumpkin that grows really big — monstrous2 big. They didn’t get REALLY huge (maybe that’s lucky becasuse if they had, I wouldn’t have been able to move them), but I did get some pumkins that were pretty hefty3 — and took 3 people to move.
  This year, I decided it just wasn’t worth4 the trouble to grow the big ones. Instead, I looked through a seed cataloque from the U.S. and chose a vew variety of pumpkin. It grows to a good size, but not huge, is a very deep orange color and has a deeply-ridged5 lovely shape.
  HOWEVER, they didn’t grow. They yellowed and they didn’t produce any pumpkins. The flowers they produced were only male flowers and no female flowers — which turn into6 fruit7.


  Of course I should have planted half the new variety (these seeds come from North America and you are never sure they are going to like the climate8 in Sendai) and half the seeds that I know do well here, but I went all in…


  But, then!!! A couple of weeks ago, one of the plants decided to grow a pumpkin – and then another plant, too! Now they are about the size of watermelons.



It’s really late in the season, but it looks like we’ll have pumpkins for Halloween!




         ( pumpkin flowers ) 


1 give up on ~ : ~を諦める
2 monstrous : 怪物のような、非常に大きい
3 hefty  : 大きくて思い
4 worth ~ : ~の価値がある
5 deeply-ridged : 深く溝の入った
6 turn into ~ : ~に変わる
7 fruit  :
8 climate  : 気候
2 monsterの形容詞形
5 potato chips(イギリスではcrisps)のギザギザの種類も ridged と呼ばれます。
6 fruit(果実)は数えられるイメージが強いですが、実際は実物(みもの)と言う感じで単数形で集合名詞として使います。







 ご存じのように(過去のブログを見ると分かります)、僕は毎年カボチャを育てています。ここ数年はとても大きくなる種類のカボチャ — 怪物のように巨大になる種類のカボチャを育てていました。そこまで大きくはならなかったものの(巨大にならなくて良かったのかも。運べなくなるので)、結構大きくて重いカボチャが採れました。持ち上げるのに3人必要になるほどの。









































































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