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A New Member


  The other day, I saw the news which was reporting the pre-opening of "Shaun1 the Sheep Farm Garden" in Shiga prefecture. I LOVE Shaun! Around the time when I was watching "Wallace and Gromit" with my kid, I got to know2 the character, "Shaun, the sheep". Since then, I’m a big fan of Shaun. (Other than him, I also like Tin Tin, Lisa et Gaspard.)


  While I was watching that news, I looked at my Shaun to see if his ears perked up3. (Yes! We live with a Shaun.) I was worried that this news would remind him of4 his good old5 farm, but he seems OK. Probably, he accepted his new life here.


  He came to our house a month ago. He is about the size of a real lamb6. He lives in our living room. He occupies the best position all the time, right in the center of the couch.


  In the daytime, he sits still7 in that spot, looking out our garden or eavesdropping8 carefully on what we are talking about behind him. (Sometimes, when the living room door is open and I see his head from behind, the whole picture cracks me up9. He is sitting there as if he is a human being.)


  At night, often I find him smashed by a big guy whose name starts with "W" and who also wants to sit in the center of the couch. So before I go to bed, I make him fluffy10 again. Even though he is smashed, he keeps smiling!



  Now, having Shaun in our house, human beings are getting to be the minority. 2 versus 3, a dog, a cat and Shaun!





1 Shaun : Shawnの表記もある
2 get to know : ~を知る
3 perk up one’s ears : 耳をピンと立てる
4 remind + O + of ~ : …に~を思い出させる
5 good old ~ : 古き良き
6 lamb : 子羊
7 still : 静止して
8 eavedrop : ~を盗み聞きする
9 crack + + up  : ~を笑わせる
10 fluffy : ふわふわした
11 minority :少数派














































 ショーンくんが家に来てから、人間は少数派になってます。2対3 — 犬と猫とショーンで3!



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