◆A Surfer Came Back!


The Surfer Came Back!


   I’ve been waiting for this! Finally, I came across1 a surfer figure2 at the dollar store.


  Starting last summer, I have been enjoying making some story in the sink on the top of the water tank in the bathroom. ( I talked about it in my July 16, 2017 blog. ) When the seasons change, I rearrange that spot and make another story.


  Sadly, before summer, when I opened the box where (I thought!) I kept all the stuff3 to decorate the sink, I recognized a surfer boy was missing4.


  Summer came and I changed the decoration for summer without the surfer. Instead5, three hedgehogs, which I used for the winter version of the decoration, covered up6 his spot. In the winter, longing for7 the spring, I used them as groundhogs for "groundhog day".


  In the meantime8, I was trying to find a new surfer boy from a store, but I couldn’t and I almost gave up. Then!!! The other day, I found one! Yippee!9 Even he was the last one on the shelf. This time, the surfer boy has a little wave around him.


  Will also found a shark with a splash10 and said "let’s put them together", so now our sink on the top of the tank has a little tension11.



  p.s. The missing surfer showed up shortly after12 this. Why now? What timing? Now we have two surfers.



1 come acros : ~にばったり出会う
2 figure : 人形
3 stuff = things
4 missing : 行方不明の
5 instead : 代わりに
cover up : ~を埋め合わせる

7 long for : ~を切望する

8 in the meantime : その間

9 yippee! : やった~!
splash : 水しぶき

◆11 tension
: 緊張(感)

◆12 shortly after ~ : ~の後間もなく
















































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