◆A Tiny Guitar


A Tiny Guitar

  Just recently, Will got a new musical instrument1! It looks like a ukulele, but it has 6 strings2. He already has a quitar, soprano ukulele and a tenor uke3. This one is a bit bigger than that. (YAMAHA calls it a Guitalele.)
  First, Will saw it at YAMAHA at the end of the year. He was interested in it and he asked the salesperson4 to let him play5 it. Will liked it. The price was quite reasonable6. I said it’s ok for him to buy it, but Will said he would think about it. 
  Later, he found the same Guitalele on Merukari for less than half the price7. Since he is not going to play it seriously (I mean he just wants to try this ukulele-like guitar), he said he doesn’t care8 if it is a secondhand9 guitar.
       (tenor ukulele)
  Now, we have 2 stringed instruments in the living room. Because of their sizes, they don’t occupy such a10 huge space11. When they are close at hand12, it’s easy to play. I always enjoy listening to Will playing13 some musical instruments in the house. Now, my chance to listen to him playing is doubled14!!
  Before, on the 4-string tenor ukulele, I learned "Nantonaku Nantonaku" and I sometimes sing it, playing15 the ukulele in the living room after my work. It’s kind of fun!
  Now I want to learn some new songs on the new 6-string Guitalele!


1 a musical instrument : 楽器
2 strings  : 弦・ひも
3 uke = ukulele
4 salesperson : 店員
5 let + + do  : 人に~させる
6 reasonable : 手頃な
7 half the price : 半額
8 care  : 気にする
9 secondhand : 中古の
10 such a = very 
11 occupy a space : 場所を占有する
12 close at hand : 手元にある
13 listen to + O + doing  : ~が…するのを聴く
◆14 be doubled :2倍になる
◆15 S + V, doing : ~しながらSはVする
3 発音は「ウクレレ」ではなく、早口で「ユークレイリ」と言う感じです。




















































 私も、以前4弦のウクレレで「なんとなく なんとなく」を覚えました。時々仕事が終わってからリビングルームでウクレレを弾きながら、時々口ずさみます。なんか楽しいです!











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