◆After Having Some Stress



After Having Some Stress


   For the last three days, at night I was hearing a strange sound. It was like a washing machine spinning. You know, the sound of a washing machine which you hear in the other room with every door closed. 


  I knew it wasn’t coming from our house or from our neighbors’. Then, I wondered if it was only me who was hearing that sound. I checked on the Internet and hit one site mentioning a type of an ear ringing1 which sounds like a spinning washing machine (!) and it says it could2 be from stress.


  Ah-hah! That made sense3 to me because recently I was pushing myself for my Spanish exam which is coming in a month, but somehow last week I lost my momentum4. I kind of knew that I was mentally and physically tired from cramming for the test. And also, maybe my body was getting stressed adjusting to5 this weather change? I wonder.

  Anyway, I thought that I had to go easy and relax my mind and body. Then, one of my students gave me a great idea. He was going to run a marathon race this weekend and in the class he was telling me how he prepared for the race. While I was listening to his story, I started thinking that running sounds fun and I really would like to do it!


  Today, it was Sunday and was not raining, I decided to go jogging6! I put on a fun color shirt to lift my spirits7 and off I went! Actually, Will also joined me! My student gave me some advice8 yesterday that, to start with9, I should run at 8 minutes/km, a little bit faster that a walk.



  It was really refreshing. I enjoyed jogging along the Hirose River, having a running partner, looking at the natural environment — the sky, the water, and mountains in the distance, and of course breathing the fresh air.  It was really fun exercising and perspiring. 


  I told myself that I should always remember that a balance of activities in our life is more important than anything else!



  While jogging, I took this photo. We both liked this bark. Interesting and almost unreal11, isn’t it? I have to cherish this kind of time….




1 ear ringing : 耳鳴り
2 could : (不確実なことを伝える)
3 make sense : 道理にかなう
4 momentum : はずみ・勢い
5 adjust to ~ : ~に適応する
feeder : 餌をあげる容器・台

7 lift one’s spirit : 気持ちを上げる

8 advice : 注!)不可算名詞

9 To start with, : まず初めに
It is fun doing : ~することは楽しい
11 unreal : 超現実的な、素晴らしい















































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