◆After They Flew Away


After They Flew Away


 Do you remember that this summer a pair of great tits1 hatched their eggs2 in our garden? (If you missed it, you can go back to our old blogs of May 14 and June 4.)


 Since it’s not the nesting season, Will decided to clean the bird house. Look at the inside of their house! This is what they made! They lived in this nicely done nest . When the parents moved in3, they were really busy flying4 in and out of the house for the first week or so all for this, bringing moss5 and stuff to make bedding.



 Imagine how many times they had to go out and look for stuff and also bring in just a tiny bit which is a carryable amount in their little beaks6. I really admire7 their work.


  Now I remember our fun time with them, looking at their old nest.


  After they made the nest, they were really quiet for about 2 weeks, which means they were hatching eggs. Then, we started hearing the babies chirping8 in the bird house. We had a lot of fun every day! The parents were busy, bringing worms9 and bugs10. (Can you see a tiny shadow in the parent’s beak?) Every time when a parent brought some food, the baby birds’ chirping, which I couldn’t see them doing, got really loud.


  Maybe about 3 weeks after that, one morning, finally, 3 baby birds came out and they practiced flying from a tree branch to another in our garden for 30 minutes. Our garden was so busy with them flying around (actually, more like jumping) and chirping to each other. (actually, they went gee-gee.) Then, they flew away.


  Me and Will had such a great time with them that both of us had "great" tit family loss for a while after that. Ah, here we go again. I wonder where they are now…


1 great tit : シジュウカラ
2 hatch one’s eggs : 卵をからヒナをかえす
3 move in : 引っ越す
4 be busy doing : ~して忙しくしている
5 moss
6 beak(s) :
7 admire ~ : ~敬服する
8 chirp 鳥がチュンチュン鳴く
9 worm : (ミミズ系の)虫
10 bug : (昆虫系の)虫




























 出掛けて行っては材料を探し、あの小さい嘴でくわえられるほどの少ない量を運ぶ — というのを何度繰り返したことでしょう。本当に鳥のこなす仕事に脱帽です。




 巣が完成した後、2週間ほど親鳥は本当にピタッと静かになり — 卵を抱いていたんですね — と思ったら、巣箱の中でシジュウカラの赤ちゃんがチーチーと鳴き出して。毎日本当に楽しませてもらいました!親鳥は虫を持ってくるのにまた忙しくなり、親がエサを運ぶたび、巣箱の中の姿の見えないヒナたちのピーピー鳴く声が一段と大きくなる。















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