◆Another New Thing in the Garden



Another New Thing in the Garden


   Again, a report from our garden. Now, a mysterious tower has appeared!  Is our garden turning into some kind of religious1 spot? Last month, an offering2-looking3 thingy4 and this month, a pagoda-looking kind of thingy was added.


  The truth is…. Will is a birder, so he often enjoys going out and seeing birds. AND ALSO, he prepares food (actually, he cooks it sometimes!) for birds in the winter when food is scarce5. We have a couple of bird feeders6 on trees in the garden.


  So far, we’ve been hanging the bird feeders on the trees, but now he wants to hang them somewhere we can see birds eating from the house.


  First, his idea was to use a coat rack. We often see coat racks at thift stores for cheap. Recently when we went to the thrift store7, God prepared a very interesting thing for us. It has straight legs, so we can stick8 them deep in the soil to make it stable.


  In the store, I didn’t like the color so much and Will promised me that he would paint it later, but when he put it in the garden, actually it didn’t look so bad. I gave Will permission9 to use it just as it is.


  Now we are ready for hungry birds to enjoy the feast10!!




  By the way, one of our house projects this summer was the bricks in the garden. We added some more and rearranged the path. It’s much easier to walk around in the garden now! It’s fun!





1 religious : 宗教的な
2 offering : お供え物
3 -looking : ~のように見える
4 thingy : みたいなもの
5 scarece : 少ない
feeder : 餌をあげる容器・台

7 thrift store : リサイクル店

8 stick(v.) : ~を突き刺す

9 permission : 許可
feast : ご馳走
7 thriftは「倹約」の意味。アメリカでは、慈善事業の一環でお店が機能しており、要らなくなったものを持って行く人は「買い取り」をしてもらうのではなく、そのまま置いて来ます。置いてくるところには人がいなるわけではなく、場所によっては私たちが分別して置いて来ます。収益金は路上生活者の食事の提供に使われたり、犬の保護に使われたりします。










































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