◆At the End of the Year



At the End of the Year


   Now are you busy preparing1 New Year dishes? or writing New Year’s Cards? or kicking back2 in front of the TV and having soba noodles? 


  In my case, I’m sitting in the livingroom and writing this blog for the last time this year. After this, we will go out3 around 11:30 and visit a temple to ring the bell.


  Now I’m looking back at the last couple of months. I went through4 a really crazy period, and it passed just like a ROLLer coaster. Especially, December was super busy.


  I don’t know why, but, on top of that5, I somehow decided to be a cinnamon roll baker! When we were invited to parties, when we wanted to prepare some Xmas presents for our young students, I baked tons of6 cinnamon rolls. Look!





  Will always says when he goes to bed, "Now it’s Rie time." I’m a super night owl7. I like to be busy as a bee8. It’s in my genes9, I admit.


  You know, making cinnamon rolls takes time, but it soothes my mind. Kneeding dough10 and rolling the dough into the shape of a swirl11 is kind of peaceful. And also, while baking, a nice cinnamon scent from the kitchen calms me down, so I guess I kind of kNEEDED it. Wow, another nice pun12!!




 2 hours later



  Now we have come back home after ringing the bell at the temple. Suddenly my busy life has turned into13 a nice quiet one. We really enjoyed a very tranquil14 and peaceful time there.







  We wish you a Happy New Year!!





1 be busy doing : ~していて忙しい
2 kick back : くつろぐ
3 get out : 出掛ける
4 go through ~ : ~を経験する
5 on top of that : 更に
6 tons of ~ : 非常に沢山の~
7 a night owl : 宵っ張りの人
8 busy as a bee : 忙しい
◆9 gene : 遺伝子
10 kneed dough : 生地を練る
11 swirl : 渦巻き
12 pun : 掛け詞
13 turn into ~ : ~に変える
14 tranquil = quiet

















































































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