◆Belated Xmas Present!

Belated Xmas Present!


  Yippee! I got it. I got it. Finally, Santa Clause brought my present to me!
  Last year, before Christmas, Will asked me what I wanted for Xmas. When there is something I need, I usually wait for Xmas or my birthday to get it. That way, it’s going to be something special and something to remember — even later on1.
  I’ve been playing the tenor saxophone for almost 10 years, and I needed to change my old mouthpiece. So I decided to ask Will Santa for it2 for Christmas.
   The other day, finally, I went to the store with my sax teacher to get my Christmas present! (Will saw me off3, saying "Merry Xmas!")  My teacher helped me select4 the best of the best! I’m not kidding because when we showed up5, the store had already prepared 12 moughpieces on a tray. Then we started trying each one. I was really excited like a child the whole time!
  First, I blew the sax with all the mouthpieces and layed them out in order of my preference. After that my teacher tried them too and eliminated6 the ones that were hard to blow or didn’t make a good sound. Then, at the end, I tried the last remaining7 choices and with the teacher’s advice and my own feeling, THE ONE was chosen.
  The whole process took more than 1 and a half hours. Thanks to my teacher’s help, I got a new mouthpiece and a reed8. The more time I spend on choosing things, the more they feel special9. Isn’t that true to everybody?
  In the last year, for my birthday, I got a strap for my sax. In the fall, for no special reason, I got a ligature made by Morita (They are artisans10!). And this mouthpiece for Christmas (in February). I invested11 quite a lot. Now I’ve got to be good in the band performance and the sax festival which are coming soon! p(^-^)q ( …To tell the truth, there are many good players around me and I’m always a big chicken12 when we practice together. Do you know somewhere I can buy some courage?)

1 later on  : 後々に
2 ask + + for    : (人)に(もの)をお願いする
3 see + + off  : ~を見送る
4 help + + do : ~が…するのを手伝う
5 show up : 表せる
6 eliminate : ~を削除する
7 remaining : ~を削除する
8 reed : 偶然の一致
9 The 比較級 S + V, the  比較級 S + V. : ~であればあるほど、より…
10 artisan : 職人
11 invest : ~に投資する
12 chicken : 臆病者

3 wear はI’m wearing a turtleneck today.(今日はタートルネックを着ています) のように身に付けている「状態」を示す動詞。put on はI’m putting on a scarf. (マフラーをしているところです)のように、「動作」=アクションを伝える動詞です。しっかり使い分けたい表現です。
9 sweet は訳す度に、英語の持つ雰囲気を伝えつつ、適切な日本語を選ぶのにとても苦戦する言葉です。元は「甘い」ですが、そこから「甘美な」「優しい」「親切な」「快い」「「心地よい」「香りのよい」「可愛い」「いとしい」などなど、カバー力の広い言葉です。




























 この一年で、誕生日にはサックス用の首からのストラップを買い、秋は特に理由になるイベントはなかったのですが、森田管楽器サービスのリガチャーを買い(本当にそこの方たちは職人肌でした)、そしてクリスマス(2月になりましたが)にマウスピース。たくさん投資しました。これだけ投資したら、上手くならなくては、これからあるバンドの演奏のためにも、サックスフェスティバルのためにも。p(^-^)q (…実は、私の周りには上手な方がたくさんいらして、みんなで練習する時、とても怖気づいてしまうんです。どなたか、勇気を売っているところ知りませんか~?)









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