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Birder’s Report (by Will)

There is a place in Sendai that I know where many birds roost1.

I visited last week. The birds make their huge nests in the pine trees2, all crowded3 together and sometimes touching. And it’s not just one kind of bird! We counted 5 species4 — all nesting together and happy to share the same tree (and sometimes the same branch5!).

We saw Great Egrets (these were the most numerous6, and the big white bird you can see in the rivers, ponds and rice fields all year), Intermediate Egret (found mostly in the rice fields, summer only), Little Egret (here year round), Cattle Egret (the orange one, summer, usually in the rice fields a bit farther from town) and the Black-crowned Night Heron (on the rivers in the Summer).

Here are a Great Egret in it’s nest and a Cattle Egret nesting next door!

Look at the lacy7 feathers — breeding8 plumage9 is really beautiful.

It’s always amazing to me that something this wild and beautiful can be seen so close to home!





1 roost : ねぐらにつく
2 pine tree : 松の木
3 crowd : 群がる
4 species : 種
5 branch :
6 numerous : 多くの
7 lacy : laceの形容詞形
8 breed : 繁殖する
9 plumage :

















 先週行って来ました。松の木にみんなで群がって、時にお互いが触れる距離でとても大きな巣をいくつも作っています。一種類だけではないんですよ。僕が数えたところ5種の鳥たちが共同生活を送っていました。— みんなで一緒に巣籠りし、同じ木をシェアして幸せそうにしていました。(時々同じ"枝"なんてことも!)























 このレース状の羽を見てください —- 繁殖翼は本当に美しいんですよ。

















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