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Café hoppin’


  Since I was off from1 the colleges for spring break till recently2, I was enjoying some of my free time meeting3 friends at cafes. I’m a coffee person, so it was such great fun to sit in a cafe and talk over4 some good coffee.
  During this break from school, I tried 3 new places. One was a place where they serve coffee but their main thing is roasting coffee for other cafes. I had heard the rumor before that they serve the best coffee in town5. I finally went in. There, I learned that baristas like tasting coffee that is lightly roasted because they can tell the taste of the original coffee beans. When the beans are roasted deeply, they lose their original flavors. Ah-hah! I see.
  Cafe #2 looked llike this:
  On the day I visited, they had an exhibition of a certain artist. Her artwork added a really interesting touch to6 the atmosphere of the place.
  Cafe #3 was my first experience with cafe latte art. (Mine was the left one.)
  I usually order black coffee, so I hadn’t had the chance to try latte art before. It was quite an experience! And it looks like you need some artistic talent to make them.
  Recently, from my Spanish teacher, I learned that there is a very good coffee in Spain called cafe con leche. Literally, it means coffee with milk but according to him, it’s not like either cafe au lait, nor7 caffe latte — and it’s reeeeally good. Where can I get it? I’ve got to start another search!

1 be off from ~  : ~から休みで解放されている
2 till recently  : 最近まで
3 enjoy + (time) + doing : ~して(時間)を楽しむ
4 talke over ~ : ~を飲みながら話しをする
5 in town : AをBに突き刺す
6 add a ~ touch to ・・・ : ・・に~な味を加える 
7 neither A nor B : AでもBでもない

7 either と neither — よく混乱しますよね!n を not の代表選手とみるとラクになりますよ!“I don’t, either.”(not 分離型) “Neither do I.”(not 内蔵型) “neither A nor B”(not 内蔵型)   
     cf. either A or Bは「AかBかどちらか」。





























































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