◆Cat Day

Cat Day


  February, 22 is Cat Day. We can read the date in Japanese as Nyan Nyan Nyan, and that’s what a cat says. Well, then, this is my chance to talk about my cat.
  She showed up on this blog in January and February, 2015. It’s been a while. 
  She sometimes enjoys thinking about tomorrow.
  She also likes to trick me, pretending1 she is sound asleep2 and the next moment, she suddenly opens her eyes wide.

  She sometimes stretches more than she needs to.

  Actually, Tasha likes to stand, too.
  She is sometimes mean to3 Ichigo, but sometimes she’s nice to Ichigo, too.
  She is sometimes synchronized with Ichigo.
  She sometimes thinks that she is protecting Ichigo, keeping her eyes on her4.
  She gets bored5 while waiting for a class to finish and puts her chin on Rilakkuma and quietly waits. (She never bothers me.)
  Tasha was probably discarded6 by somebody. Our guess is a pet shop because she is obviously a special breed7 of cat. She was so tiny when she was found. She has some eye problems and even tested positive8 for Luekemia9 (but she’s in good shape now! (^-^))
  I always think that animals are so great. They never complain10 about what’s happening in their lives. Neither does Tasha.  We found her near our house, no, I guess she found us. She has brought a lot of happiness to us, including Ichigo!
 Thank you, Tasha!

1 pretend  : ~のふりをする
2 sound asleep  : 熟睡している(形)
3 be mean to ~  : ~に意地悪な
4 keep one’s eyes on ~ : ~を注意して見ている
5 get bored : 飽きる
6 discard : ~を捨てる
7 breed : 種類(名)
8 test positive :検査で陽性と出る
9 Luekemia :白血病
10 complain : 不平を言う









































































































































































 ターシャは、恐らく誰かに捨てられた猫。明らかに特別な種類の猫なので、私たちはペットショップあたりかと思っているのですが。見つけられた時は体がとても小さくて、目にも病気があり、白血病のテストで陽性とまで分かりました。(でも今は元気です!(^-^) )







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