◆Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Chocolate Chip Cookies!


  Yesterday the typoon hit the town, and I had several cancellations of classes. Suddenly I got some time but couldn’t go anywhere. I decided to do something unusual.


  I remembered that I had been seeing a pack of chocolate chip cookie mix in the kitchen for a long long time. Probably our kiddo1 bought it, didn’t make it and left2 it. Just the night before, Will and I were craving3 something sweet but we couldn’t find anything in the house.


  The expiration date4 was November something, so it was good timing to finish it and my mood was peeeerfect — I baked chocolate chip cookies!





  It’s an instant mix and I used to hate using that kind of thing, but for sure5, it’s easy! For busy moms, it’s not bad to use pre-made things sometimes.


  I enjoyed this fun biproduct6 of the typhoon day with my new favorite cup from the handmade fair at Oyakushi-san! Look! The cup has irregular polka dots7 and the chocolate chip cookies also have irregular polka dots in the opposite8 colors.



  It‘s fun to do something that I usually don’t do. Now I have to be careful to go into9 the kitchen. Who can resist10! For Will who loves chocolate, it’s going to be torture11 to stay away from12 them!




1 kiddo = kid
2 leave : ~を手をつけずそのままにしておく
3 crave : ~を無性に欲しがる
4 expiration date : 賞味(消費)期限
5 for sure : 必ず
biproduct : 副産物

7 polka dots : 水玉

8 opposite : 反対の

9 go into : ~に入る
resist : ~に抵抗する

torture : 拷問
◆12 stay away from ~ : ~に近づかないようにする

















































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