It’s so quick! It’s already December. Now everybody will be busy, busy, busy.


 One of the things we have to do first in December is a Christmas tree. Today, we put up1 ours. We hung the ornaments together. It is Will’s rule that we all have to decorate the tree together.  

 This year, we put up1 the lights that Will’s sister sent to us. They change colors. They look fun!



  Of course, our cat Tasha got excited right away. Every year she climbs the tree and tries to get the balls down from the branches. This is a fun time for her. (From now on2, we find decoration balls in strange places every day like in the entrance hall3 or in the kitchen. This little mischief-maker4 makes us laugh.)




 My schedule book for next year is also finished, which is always on my end-of-the-year5 to-do list6. For the last several years, I have painted the books myself. It’s a project I enjoy every year. This year, I painted an Echinacea design. People use this plant for herb tea. Their flower petals7 hang down8 and are unusual and kind of9 cute. I hope I can enjoy my life next year with this schedule book in my bag. 




  On my to-do list, there are still a lot more things like writing new year’s cards, planning the Xmas party, cleaning the house, etc.  December is a kind of hectic10, but I like this season! 





1 put up ~ : ~を飾る
2 from now on : 今から
3 entrance hall : 玄関
4 mischief-maker : いたずらっ子
5 end-of-the-year : 年末の
6 to-do list : やる事リスト
7 petal : 花びら
8 hang down : ぶら下がる
9 kind of ~ : ~な感じの
10 hectic : バタバタする











































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