◆Delicious Summer Bugs!



Delicious Summer Bugs


  I almost forgot to talk about this! Before the summer will be long gone1, I’ve got to write about these cute beetles.


  This summer, they came to our house several times and brought us some fun moments with our friends.

  First, our encounter2 was …… not in the woods3! They were not on trees but on a tray in a bakery. The color and the shape were so different from other bread that I wanted to see what they were. As I got closer, I couldn’t hold it and went "Wow!". It came out of my mouth unconsciously4 — and there were other people in the store!


  Just a few days before this fun encounter, I bought a huge green leaf-shaped plate just for fun, so it was perfect when they sat on this leaf.


  When we had two little boy guests, they really enjoyed the beetles. They were PERFECT!! When I carried the plate to the table, the boys inhaled5 deeply with surprise and their eyes got as big as the beettles6! And, of course, Will even made a scene7, making a beetle voice, saying "Oh, no! Don’t eat me!", "Ouch, ouch!" The boys were giggling8 and giggling.


  Even when we had "adult" friends over to our house, I served edible9 beetles. Everybody became children when they were eating them. Success!!


  This bakery makes "normal" bread, too (of course!), and some special kinds depending on the season. They use rice flour, so their bread is soft and chewy10. It’s really good. When I was there they had "Flounder" bread with curry (Flounder is Karei in Japanese, and so is curry — It’s a pun! ) and "Pig" bread with pork inside. They have a good sense of humor!



 If you have a chance to drop by11, I recommend it!! The bakery is called Monna Mona.


p.s. The "watermelon" bread in the first photo was a lot of fun, too. The outer decorative12 part was so skillfully13 done, and its inside was red and had chocolate chips as seeds.




1 be long gone :とっくに行ってしまった
2 encounter : 遭遇
3 woods :
4 unconsciously : 無意識に
5 inhale : 息を吸い込む
6 as ~ as … : …と同じくらい~
7 make a scene : (演出する)
8 giggle : けらけらと笑う
9 edible  : 食べられる
10 chewy : 嚙みごたえのある
11 drop by ~ :~に立ち寄る
12 decorative : 装飾の
13 skillfully : 上手く・熟練して
































 もしチャンスがあったら、是非寄ってみてください!!Mona Monaというお店です。





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