◆Did You See the Shooting Stars?


Did You See the Shooting Stars?


  It was Thursday night when Will got an email from his friend, saying that1 he and his wife had been watching shooting stars.
  Of course, right away, I said, "Let’s go outside and see them!" So we went outside quickly and started looking up at the sky. We were out from 11:10 to about 11:40. We saw 4. The first one was amazingly bright and long!
  After we came in, I checked the Internet for some more information. The peak of the Perseid2 meteor3 shower was from midnight on the 13th until dawn of the 14th. So thanks to our friend, we barely4 made it!
  The next day, I saw some more information about them. I found a live stream5 of the sky from near the astronomical6 observatory7 of Tokyo University in Kiso, Nagano. I decided to watch it at night.
  Two nights in a row after that, I kept checking the live stream and looking for shooting stars. Of course, I like watching the sky in person8 outside, but it was overcast here and my neck will die9 if I look up for a long time. So it’s not bad to see the stars on a screen in your hand! For both nights, I saw more than 10 shooing stars in about one and a half hours.
  This is what they looked like :
(In reality, since they are moving, they look longer!)
  To enjoy real moving shooting stars, you can visit this site :
the Persieds are almost finished now (but they will be back next summer again!),  but it is worth trying10 — even just to see normal stars. From a mountain side, it shows about 10 times as many stars as what we see from our city!
  Enjoy your bed time, looking at stars in your own bed!


1 email, saying that ~ : ~メール
2 Perseid  = spiderweb
3 meteor shower  : 流星雨
4 barely : かろうじて
5 a live stream  : 映像の生配信
6 astronomical : 天体の
7 observatory  : 観測所
8 in person  : 直接
9 die : (辛くてしょうがない状態になる)
◆10 it is worth doing : ~する価値がある
11 〇 times as ~ as …  : …の〇倍の~




































































 本物の動いている流れ星を楽しむには、こちらのサイトを見てみてください : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXMCe6J3YA8















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