◆Encountering the Unknown World


Encountering the Unknown World


  (In Japanese, I can translate it just like the title of the STAR WARS movie, but in English, it actually is "Close Encounters1 of the Third Kind", just for your information2.)
  Recently, I got a really interesting (and practical3!) toy which takes me to the unknown world. Have you ever seen your own eardrums4? I hadn’t, but now I can whenever I want. I didn’t know that, but now those kinds of products are available5 on the Internet.
  Last month, my points on an Internet shopping site were going to expire6. Since the points were quite a lot and I didn’t want to loose them, I decided to buy something.
  I slept on that7 for a few days, and I got an idea — I want to have a small scope to see the inside of my ears!
   The skin inside my ears is weak and often gets itchy8, especially in summer when the air is muggy9. Sometimes I have a hearing problem because of it. Basically, every summer, at least once, I go see a doctor. Then, the doctor says, "Oh, it is really itchy, huh? The skin is kind of red." or "There is a layer10 of skin on your eardrum." All this time, I was wondering what the doctor sees in there.
  But now, with this gadget11, I understand what my doctor was talking about!
  (See! It says nothing is "invisible".)
  Connecting it to my iPad or my iPhone by Wi-Fi, I can see pretty clear images of the inside of my ear. The eardrums are amazing! The human body is really something!
  I tried it on Will’s ears and Tasha’s ears, too. The next victim12(?) will be Ichigo! (^-^)



1 encounter : 遭遇
2 just for your information : 念のために
3 practical  : 実用的
4 eardrums : 鼓膜
5 available : 手に入る
6 expire : 期限が切れる
7 sleep on ~  : ~を一晩寝て考える
8 get itchy  : 痒くなる
◆9 muggy : むしむしする
10 layer :
11 gadget  : ちょっと便利な機械
12 victim  : 犠牲者

















 数日何を買おうかと考えて、思いつきました — 耳の中を見る小さなスコープが欲しいと!
















































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