◆Enjoying the Night Sky in the House

Enjoying the Night Sky — in the House


  Will has been working on a house cleaning project1 on his own2 for a while. When people do this, the main purpose is to throw things away, but sometimes people find something unexpected or forgotten.
  In his case3, he found our old home planetarium machine.
  We thought it was broken, but we tried again, and it worked fine4! Suddenly, we had a night of watching the stars — in the living room.
  It goes once around in about 10 minutes. That’s a pretty good pace to enjoy the movement. It also has the Milky Way5, and the function that I really like is that there are shooting stars6!
  That night, I went for Ichigo’s walk with Will, and we looked up at the sky and saw our favorite constillation7, Orion. We checked out Orion’s Belt, Betelgeuse, and Sirius.  
  Usually, we don’t really have time to enjoy watching stars, but it just happened. It was really nice to have a night like this!
1 work on a project  : 手に持つ
2 on one’s own  : 独力で
3 in one’s case : ~の場合
4 work fine : 問題なく機能する
5 the Milky Way : 天の川
6 shooting stars : 流れ星
7 constillation : 星座

















































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