◆Family Reunion


Family Reunion



 This weekend, my uncle came to visit us. He lives far from us. He traveled all the way1 from the foot of2 Mt. Fuji by himself. He is over 80, but he can still move around3 alone. (That’s amazing! Especially since my dad was not as energetic as him and rather4 weak after he had cancer, it’s surprising to see an old guy walking around like that. He is aging in a totally different way than my dad.)


  The last time we met was about 3 years ago, so it was fun to hear some updates5 about our relatives6, like my aunt, my cousins, and their families. Speaking of7 my cousin, who I met in person fewer than 10 times in my life, we have 2 very interesting connetions. My elementary school friend and my friend from graduate school in the states happen to work at the same place as my cousin! They know each other quite well. Actually, our family name is kind of rare, so they found out that we are relatives. It’s a small world!  

  Anyway, after he visited my mom’s house, he was going to go to his sister’s — my aunt’s — house. Me and Will volunteered to give him a ride8 there. Even though we showed up without any notice, my aunt invited us in.


  Meeting my uncle itself was fun, but we also had fun meeting with my aunt and my cousin. Thanks to my uncle’s visit, I realized how nice it is to have a connection with relatives.




  Not only that, we also had good "things". My aunt gave us some of the things that my uncle, who passed away9 a few years ago, collected. The coin collection is American quarters10 from each state. He started collecting when we went to the states together years ago. The Ochoko that we got are just a small part of his whole collection. According to my cousin, they already gave away one-third of his collection, and today we got one-fourth of the rest. The box was handmade by my uncle!





1 all the way : はるばる
2 the foot of ~ : ~の麓
3 move around : 動き回る
4 rather : むしろ
◆5 updates : 最新情報
6 relatives : 親戚
7 speaking of ~ : ~と言えば
◆8 give + 人 + a ride : ~を車で送る
9 pass away : 亡くなる
◆10 a quarter : 25セントコイン





























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