Literally1, am I enjoying food(Dango) rather than enjoying flowers at the cherryblossom party?( A Japanese proverb2 "Hana yori Dango" )



  I was sooooo excited to have these beautiful Dango for myself!! I went to the shop five times and finally I was able to buy them. Look at these colorful Dango balls on sticks3!


  The story starts in January. One Saturday, we received a nice package of Dango from one of Will’s students’ mom. (Thank you very much. We really appreciate4 it!) Since they were so much fun, they got stuck5 in my head and I started thinking that I have to go buy them!


  However, it was not easy.


  To make a long story short, I tried 4 times. One time, I even got there around noon, but the sign said "Sold Out". (Maybe it was especially because it was the Ohigan season.) Of course, the other 3 times, I saw the same sign.


  By the fifth time, I was desperate6! I got there soon after the shop opened. Yes! I did it. A very nice young lady welcomed me. Hiding my excitement, I said "May I have one of everything7?" At that moment, I felt "I’m so happy to be an adult." If I were a kid, I couldn’t afford8 all seven.


  They tasted like heaven9 all the more for10 all the efforts involved!!




*For your information*
The name of the shop is Ichifuku. They put the topping after we order. Not just a normal amount, A LOT!




1 literally : 文字通り
2 proverb : ことわざ
3 on a stick : 串に刺さった
4 appreciate : ~に感謝する
5 get stuck : 動かずにいる・ある
6 desperate : 必死の・やけになった
7 one of everything :全種類1つずつ
8 afford : ~を買う余裕がある
9 heaven : 至福
10 all the more for : ~で一層

3 この表現を知っていると、やきとりの説明も楽チン!grilled chicken on a stick!











































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