◆Halloween 2017


Halloween 2017


 Did you go trick-or-treating1? Did you get a lot of candy2? I hope nobody bumped into3 zombies.


 This year again, we prepared some candy for kids, made 3 Jack-o’-lanterns, and decorated the house. I helped him a bit, but Will did most of the work!


 This year’s first Jack-o’-lantern is this:


  And the second one is like this. I really like the eyes he designed, and to match the eyes, I drew a grinch-like mouth, whick Will liked. Our nice collaboration!


  The third one is our favorite. Will’s original design. Cool!


  At night, they also add a different look to our house. 


  I should say that the two big pumpkins were given to us by our friends when our pumpkin rotted4 at the end of the growing season.


  Will also decorated his teaching room very spookily for the Halloween week. He totally blocked the sunlight coming in, using a sleeping bag and some blankets. He spread some cob webs5, which several times he came out of his room covered with and tangled in his hair. He also covered the light with some thick cloth to make the room dim6. (I’m sure kids were enjoying it, but his poor adult students had to study in a dark spooky7 room.)


 A skeleton8 was hanging in the entrance hall. At night, our cat Tasha was playing with a grave9. Our house was reeeally spooky for a whole week. I’m sure you don’t want to walk around in our house at night.


  Now, all of our students experienced some Halloween last week and a crowd of kids came trick-or-treating10 this evening. FINALLY, our life will be back to normal tomorrow. Thank God!!




1 go doing  : ~しに行く
2 candy  : 砂糖菓子&チョコレート
3 bump into ~ : ~に出くわす
4 rot  : 腐る
5 cobweb = spider’s web
6 dim : 薄暗い
7 spooky : 恐ろしい・不気味な
8 skeleton : ガイコツ
9 grave :
10 come + doing : ~しに来る

2 日本語と違って、hard candyだけを意味する訳ではないんですよ。アメリカで昔から有名なSee’s Candiesはチョコレートのお店。ちなみに、candyは普通は単数で集合名詞として使われます。ex. Do you want some candy?((いくらか)キャンディーいる?) 複数形になっているときは、目を向けているのが「種類」で、それが複数あることを伝えています。

ハロウィーン 2017







































































 この一週間、うちに習いに来る子どもたちはみんな何らかのハロウィンを経験したし、近所の子どもたちも今晩 Trick or Treat と言ってお菓子をもらいに来たし、これでや~っと!明日から私たちの生活は普通に戻ります。良かったぁ!!















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