◆Handcrafts Fair and Reunion

Handcrafts Fair and Reunion


  At the same time1 as last year, Will and I visited this fair. It was again  held on the same street downtown2, so we went and enjoyed seeing a lot of fun and interesting artwork.


  It was fun to see all  kinds of arts and crafts3 — leather, glass, iron, wool, pottery, etc., all along the street.


  Of course, our friend had her booth, too.

This time, she had these kinds of things…. 


  and those kinds of things…..


  and all kinds of things!



  Imagine interesting handmade things displayed in every booth. You’ll get excited4 for sure5! And also, I’m always very impressed by the energy, time and heart these artists put into6 each piece.


  Any event can bring people together, but on this day this specific event brought a bunch of7 our good old friends together — The guy who designed this homepage, our friend from Canada, my old co-worker,  and our very old friends.  …and we are all connected somehow interestingly. Surrounded by a lot of art work, we enjoyed meeting and talking in front of our friend’s booth.


  It was a cold gray day, but our hearts were warmed by friends.  



p.s. If you want to see more of her work, visit her website at www.suzannesquires.com.





◆1 at the same time : 同時期に
◆2 downtown
: 街で
◆3 arts and crafts : 手工芸品
◆4 get excitedl : ワクワクする
◆5 for sure : 確かに、確実に
◆6 put A into B : BにAを費やす
◆7 a bunch of ~
: たくさんの

2  この場合のdowntownは副詞で
3 このパターンはよく使われます。get + 形 では「変化」を、be + 形 では「状態」を説明すると覚えて使い分けるようにするといいですね。


















































 イベントというものは、人を集めまるものですが、この日まさにこの催し物は、私たちの親しい友人をわんさか集めてくれました。— このホームページを作ってくれたグラフィックデザイナー、カナダからやってきた友人、前の同僚、つき合いの長い友人。・・・そして、このそれぞれの人たちが何らかのかたちでつながっているんです、面白いことに。アートな作品に囲まれて、友人のブースの前で、みんなと会っておしゃべりも楽しんで帰ってきました。















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