◆Handicrafts for the First Time in a Long Time!

Handicrafts for the First time in a Long Time!

( Here is my excuse1I decided a long ago what I was going to write about in my blog, but since December is a quite hectic time, I couldn’t get started2. Well, I’m going to catch up with3 my blog now. Here we go! )
  I used to enjoy making some arts and crafty things, like making bags and accessories, knitting, quilting. However, after having a kid and working at the same time4, I started giving up doing this sort of thing.
  …but this winter after a long time of silence, I bumped into a chance to enjoy a fun handmade craft — Resin craft. Do you know what it is? This is it!
  This is what I made at the workshop. (Yes.
I saw an advertisement at a bead shop, and I signed up! )
  Resin is this clear shiny material which gets hard after being exposed to5 sun light. It comes as a thick6 liquid.
  The process was quite easy. You put some stuff that you want to decorate with and resin and then harden it with untraviolet7 light. That’s why a busy person like me can do it!

  At home, I made several on my own, like these…
  At the end of the year, I sometimes give little presents in return8 to some people who helped me or gave me something during the year. So this year, starting early December, I started making these.     .
  ( ↑ This one is for my mom.I’ll bring it to her when I visit her on NewYear’s Day.)
  Resin itself is a bit expensive, but the other stuff like cases, glitter, and lace are relatively reasonable. You can make it with ease9 in a relatively short time, but it comes out quite nice. For people who are busy but want to do something fun for a change10, this is a perfect choice! I can do it, so you can do it, too!

◆1 excuse : 言い訳
◆2 get started :
◆3 catch up with ~ : ~に追いつく
◆4 at the same time
: 同時に
◆5 expose to ~ : ~にさらす
◆6 thick : (密度の)濃い
◆7 ultraviolet :  紫外線の
in return : お返しに
◆9 with ease : 簡単に
◆10 for a change : 気分転換に





























































 (↑ こちらは母に。元旦に訪ねる際、プレゼントするつもり。)










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