◆Happy New Year


        Year, everybody!!

  This is the year 2020. The year of the mouse! The year of the Olympics1! Did you have nice a New Year’s holiday?
  Will and I got together with2 our family on New Year’s Day and on the evening of3 the 2nd, our old friend came to our house and we had a fun little party.



  On New Year’s Day, on our birdfeeder4 in the garden, Will saw an Uguisu, a bush warbler. What a nice encounter5 with a special bird on the first day of the year! People think Uguisu is a bird of the spring, but even though our spring is still far away, Uguisu are around.
  I didn’t see him (or maybe her!) on the bird feeder, but later when I went out to the garden, I saw a brownish bird with an uncommon silhouet6 flitting7 among the branches of a tree. Later, Will told me that it could be the Uguisu waiting for the other birds to fly away from the bird feeder. I checked it on the Internet, and yes, it was a bush warbler! So I saw Uguisu on New Year’s Day, too.
  We both felt we had a nice start of the new year!
  … and in the evening, we found a little piece of paper which said "A Teapot" in our mailbox. We knew what it was because Will put a riddle8 on the new year’s cards to his students, which went9 "What word starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?" However, we don’t know who put it in the mailbox.
  Now, it’s our turn to figure out10 the riddle!
《 Did you know? 》
Uguisu is a little smaller and has a flatter head than sparrows. Our image of its color is pale green like a Japanese confectionary called "Uguisu Mochi", but really the bird with that color is a Mejiro, white eye. As its name implies, it has very nice white rings around the eyes. Very stylish! Uguisu is a much more sober color, sometimes it almost looks brown. When they sing, the first part of the song is inhaled and the latter part is exhaled!

1 the Olympics : オリンピック
2 get toghether wirh ~  : ~と集まる
3 on the everning of ~ : ~の夜に
4 bird feeder : 餌台
5 encounter  : 遭遇
6 silhouet :
7 flit : あっちこっちと軽やかに飛ぶ
8 riddle : なぞ(なぞ)
9 go : ~と言っている
10 figure out ~ : ~を解く・考える
1 the sに気をつけましょう。the Olympic games という言い方もあり。
2 日本語の「(人)と遊ぶ」にもぴったりな表現。この場合、play with ~はちょっと微妙。本当にスポーツの試合とか友達とかけっこするとかいかにも遊んでいるなら play with ~ でも良いのですが。
3 曜日や日付が付くと、in the morningではなくonになります


















































 《 知っていましたか? 》






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