◆Happy New Year 2018!


Happy New Year 2018!


 Happy New Year, everybody! We hope you spent a nice new year’s holiday.


  We had slow but fun holidays. On New Year’s Day, we went to my mom’s house and we had New Year’s food1 together. After that, we had our traditional New Year‘s Day event, which is going to the movies2 at night. On the 2nd, we had a very relaxing party at home in the evening. For the party, I made my favorite treat3, cinnamon rolls! It was a nice holiday with our family and friends.



     Fresh from the oven.

Before eating, we put a lot of icing on them!

 Speaking of New Year’s, of course, we can’t talk about it without New Year‘s cards. This year, I bought the Snoopy ones because I was moved by the story. On the stamp picture, Woodstock has just passed a baton to Snoopy. Do you get it? It illustrates the change of the years from the year of the bird to the year of the dog. How clever!!



  There is one more thing about new year’s cards. Do you know that there are ¥18 stamps available to make it to ¥70 to send overseas4? They are reeeally cute! This year, they made 2 designs: 3-colored Dango balls on a stick and a fish-shaped Japanese treat(Taiyaki). In past years, they made Ramen noodles, a Sukiyaki pot, Soba noodles on a square plate, a Chicken bowl(Oyako-don), sushi and tempura. Every year, I enjoy seeing the designs for the ¥18 stamps when I send some new year’s cards overseas. What will they be next year?



1 New Year’s food : お節料理
2 go to the movies : 映画に行く
3 treat : 甘いもの
4 overseas : 海外へ
1 「お節料理」は New Year’s dishesとも使われます。でも、今回の流れで使うには food の方が自然なんだそうです。私が思うに、多分お料理を作る観点から「〇〇料理」を作る的な発想だとdishが適していて、食べる観点から使うと foodが適しているということなのではないかと…。やはり外国語はそう簡単には操れないですねぇ。(泣)
2 こちらはイディオム的な使い方。普通に説明するなら、go to a movie も使えますよ!
3 日本人が使うsweetsは和製英語なんでしょうね。英語では使いませんよ~。
4 副詞で使いますので、to が内蔵されています。go home, go downstairs, go downtown も同様に副詞です。to を入れてはいけませんよ。


Happy New Year 2018!



















































































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