◆Happy New Year 2019!



Happy New Year 2019!


   Happy New Year, everybody!! 

     We wish you a great 2019!! 

       Let’s make this year wonderful!!



  How was your New Year holidays? We hope everybody had a great time with your important person or people, or even by yourself.





  Please excuse me, but I want to share it because somehow this seems like it will bring us good luck. When I visited my friend’s house, she let me in1 and I did a dougle take2 at it. I liked the aspect3 of this light joke but also I was kind of impressed by how nicely it was displayed. This golden p▢▢p was surrounded by  a Daruma doll and an offering of an apple, and also with a Christmas card behind, really treating it as a precious4 thing.


  Believe it or not, they sold these at a dollar shop. I want one, too! This is actually a piggy bank5. If we start putting money in this golden piggy bank, it surely will bring us good luck with money, don’t you think? (^-^)





  p.s. My Canadian friend, a jewelry maker whom I sometimes talked about in my blog, will have a booth at a hand craft event at Mitsukoshi starting tomorrow. It is on the 7th floor and it is until the 8th. If you are interested, please pop in6!



1 let 人 in : ~を中に入れる
2 do a double take : 二度見する
3 aspect : 面
4 precious : 大切な
5 piggy bank : 貯金箱
6 pop in : 立ち寄る































 p.s. 私のカナダ人の友人、時々このブログで話しているジュエリーを作る人ですが、明日から三越の手づくりのイベントに出品しますよ。7階で8日までやっています。興味のある方は、是非立ち寄ってみてください!









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