◆He Came Back with These!


He Came Back with These!


  Will took some time off1 and went back to the states2 for a while, and he finally came back recently. During that time, I lived with my cat and dog. When I walked our dog, people asked me, "Did Will-san go home?" "I heard Will-san went home. When will he be back?" I really like our neighborhood. Such nice people!
  Anyway, as usual, he came back with his suitcase filled with3 souvenirs for our students, close neighbors and my family. Yes. I made him learn4 the Japanese custom after many trips. I didn’t expect any for myself(Oh, maybe I might have mentioned "if it’s possible, I want Lipton’s green tea with Jasmine and orange." — which I have’nt found in Japan yet.), but a big box came out of his suitcase! My favorite Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls! (Sorry, Tim! Will imitated5 your souvenir idea, but please continue! )
  I eat these little by little almost every night. Of the 6, I nicely wrapped 3 and put them in the freezer. Every time when I open the freezer and see them, I’m happy to know that this fun time will continue!
  p.s. Sorry, everybody. You must be sick of me talking6 about Cinnabon, but I’m really crazy for7 it. I can’t stop writing8 about them. f(^-^;)

1 take time off  : 休暇を取る
2 the states  : アメリカ合衆国
3 (be) filled with ~ : ~で一杯の
4 make + 人 + do  : 人に~させる
5 imitate ~ : ~を真似する
6 be sick of 人 doing : 人が~するのにうんざりする 
7 be crazy for ~ : ~に夢中である
8 can’t stop doing : ~せずにはいられない

2 the U.S.もよく使います。the U.S.A./ Americaはあまり使いません。特に、Americaはアメリカ大陸を指して使われることが多いので気を付けましょう!



























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