◆Hospital Experience in Modern Times

Hospital Experience in Modern Times


  Will went through1 an operation on his shoulder 3 weeks ago. No, please don’t worry! Unlike our experience with his lymphoma2 17 years ago (which threatened his life), this was a repair job that really didn’t worry us. (… but sorry, it kept me from3 catching up on4 my blog.)
His inner muscle was completely detached5 from the bone, and he couldn’t lift his arm at all. His friend called Will a guy with a useless arm. Will plays badminton, and the doctor asked him, "Did you keep hitting smashes like crazy6?" when he looked at the MRI photo.  


  Anyway, the operation went OK. It’s amazing that he was able to get out of the hopital 2 days after the operation. Instead of having a huge cut by a knife, he’s got only 5 holes made by an endoscope7. This isn’t the only benefit of modern technology:


  Look at this! After the operation, when he came back to the room, he was connected to a leg massager! The device8 sent air to the things rolled up on his calves. They have 3 sections and air goes into the bags one after another9 to give a massage. The calf is called the second heart, so it’s important to keep the blood moving. Before and after the operation, he had to be in the same position for a long time, so I guess they use that to help the blood circulation. It is really cool! Actually, on the bed after the operation, Will said it felt good. Oh, we need that on the airplane to avoid economy syndrome!




  After the operation and after the family went home, Will had nothing to do but just fight with his pain and lie on the bed, not being able to move. He was bored so he created a game for something to do. He was hooked up to10 a cardiogram11 and he found he could make Mt. Fuji on the monitor. According to him, after a while, he became a master12!





1 go through : ~を受ける・体験する
2 lymphoma : リンパ腫
3 keep + + from ~ing : 人を~させない
4 catch up on ~ : ~の遅れを取り戻す
5 detach : 分離する
6 like crazy : すごく、猛烈に
7 endoscope : 内視鏡
8 device : 装置
9 one after another : 次々と
10 hook up to ~ : ~につながる
11 cardiogram : 心電図
12 master : 師匠・達人
















































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