◆House Project at the End of the Year

House Project at the End of the Year

  At the end of the year, we did some more house improvement1 work
. To explain how it started, I have to go back to2 before Christmas…


  In early December, we started asking each other "what do you want for Christmas?" Luckily or unluckily, we have enough of everything and couldn’t come up with3 any ideas. (Of course, both of us got some little things like socks and a Starbucks tumbler in our Xmas stockings4.)


  Just a few days before Christmas, I said to Will that I want to have bricks as a Christmas present to do our project. (Yes. we were just talking about how we want to fix5 our entrance6 area.) Then, interestingly, Will also said, "You know what? I was just thinking about the same thing."


  It was decided! We went Xmas shopping at the "home center" together on Christmas day.


  …and today was the first day of our holidays, so we got started. 



  At the beginning, we were thinking about using mortar7 to glue8 the bricks and actually bought it, but we ended up just stack9ing10 them without mortar. Even without mortar, it’s not bad!


  Well, it will be fun to welcome the new year with a new look around our front door11. (but acutally, I want the bricks to look12 older. I know, I know. I’m a bit picky13. I’ll wait for time to pass14. f(^-^;))

Happy New Year, everybody!





1 improvement : 改良・改善
2 go back to ~ : ~にまで戻る
3 come up with ~ : ~を思いつく
4 stocking : 長靴下
5 fix : ~を直す
6 entrance : 玄関・入口
7 mortar : モルタル・セメント
8 glue : (動)~を接着する
9 stack : ~を積み重ねる
10 end up ~ing : 結局~に終わる
11 front door  : 正面玄関
12 want O to do : ~が…であって欲しい
13 picky : えり好みをする・こだわりの強い
14 want for O to do : ~が…するのを待つ













































 さて、これで玄関先が新しくなって気持ちよく新年が迎えられるでしょう。(でも、本当はもうちょっとレンガが年月が経った色だといいんだけど。分かってます、分かってます。こだわり過ぎです。時間が経過するのを待ちます。f(^-^;) )








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