◆House Project — Summer 2016 (1)

House Project — Summer 2016 (1)

  Finally I finished the staircase1 project! To be correct,2 only the upper half, but probably I’m not going to work on the bottom half because it still looks okay.   
  This time, for Obon break, I decided to finish up3 restaining4 the upper half of the stairs. I started last summer. At that time, I worked on just 2 stairs. During Golden Week, I worked on 2 more. This time, I wanted to finish the last 2.
  The staining itself is not difficult at all, but taking off the old stain with sandpaper5 is a painstaking6 process. Or maybe I should call it a "sweat dripping7" process at this time of the year.  
  These are the "before" and "after" photos:  
  To sandpaper the stairs, I spent easily8 1 hour on each stair. Since I have an electric sander, but it still took a long time and the finishing touch9 should always be done by hand. It was quite a job!
  Anyway, after staring at10 the unfinished stairs for a year, finally we can go up and down the stairs with a nice feeling. Especially, in summer, feeling the new stain on my bare feet11 gives me a satisfaction that I finally did it!

  Above all,12 it makes me even happier when I hear Will say "They are so beauuuuutiful!"

1 staircase : 階段
2 To be correct,  : 正確に言えば、
3 finish up doing : ~することを終わらせる
4 restain : ニスを塗り直す
5 sandpaper : やすり
6 painstaking : 骨の折れる
7 sweat dripping : 汗のしたたる
8 easily : 優に
9 finishing touch : 仕上げ
10 stare at ~ : ~をじっと見る
11 bare feet : 裸足
12 above all : とりわけ

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