◆House Project — Summer 2016 (2)

House Project — Summer 2016 (2)

  Because there was a "1" in the title last time, you probably guessed there would be a "2" this time. And you were right! I’m going to talk about another house project.   
  During the Obon break, I also worked on the doors in my teaching room. 
 This is the "before" photo of the room. My teaching room was originally a Japanese style room. After we moved in1, we painted the ceiling white2 and put a flooring on top of the Tatami mats, and we changed it into3 a slightly western atmosphere4.  
  This is the "after" photo with the new white wall paper. I decided to wrap5 the frames of the Japanese sliding doors with the wall paper. I removed6 the old Japanese style knobs and replaced them with7 ceramic8 knobs that I found at a dollar shop.  
  So far, 3 students noticed the change and said "Something is different than before…" When I explained, they all went "Oh, yeah!" I always enjoy people’s reaction when I better9 the house. 
  Next, I don’t know when, but I’m planning to paint the exposed10 wood of the room dark brown. I think I can make my room look new — with an "old" style.
  Will calls me a "handy" woman. I like to be called that. New houses of course look nice, but I really enjoy changing our old house to fit our taste with my own hands!  

1 move in : 引っ越してくる
2 paint + O + C  : ~を…に塗る
3 change A into B : AをBに変える
4 atmosphere : 雰囲気
5 wrap : ~をくるむ
6 remove : ~を取り去る
7 replace A with B:AをBに取り替える
8 ceramic : 陶器の
9 better : ~を改善する
10 exposed : (外に)見えている

家プロジェクト 2016夏 



















































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