◆House Project, Summer 2019(1)


House Project, Summer 2019(1)

  Every time we have a long break, it’s our tradition to "attack" somewhere in our house. I mean not destroy something but to improve some part of the house.
  During this Obon break, first, to tell the truth, I was not really in the mood to do1 house work, but after having relaxed for one day, my energy came back. I know it’s in my genes that I can’t stay quiet2, so I started!!
  I worked on3 two things. In this blog, I’ll talk about one thing, which is the table in the living room.
  It’s been a while since I sanded3 the table. It was not "filthy4" dirty but it had accumulated5 stains6 such as rings of glasses, some old wet spots or even some real brown thingies7 from metal. We had a really tricky8 stain that came from a hairpin. Once I left a hairpin on the table overnight and it left a really perfect copy of itself. It tricked us and we tried to pick up that fake hairpin many times.
  So anyway, I decided it needed a good sanding.
  I asked Will to help me carry the table outside, and I just kept sanding the table for about one and a half hours. I cheated9 by using a machine, even though my machine is not so good for wood (there is a real sander which can run with the grain10, but I don’t have one). So, to compensate for11 that, I gave it a finishing sanding by hand, with sandpaper and a piece of wood to hold it.
  It was a hot summer day, I was covered with sweat12, but it was worth it13. This is the result! I did not use varnish14 but I tried oil staining with Perilla oil to keep its natural color. (I was happy to use this oil even though it is not cheap because it has such a distinctive15 smell that I didn’t want to use it for cooking and had been sitting in the kitchen for a long time.)
(The dark spots are knots)
  Now everytime we sit at the table to eat, before saying "Itadaki masu", we say "Oh, it’s so nice!"


1 be in the mood to do : ~する気分でいる
2 stay quiet : 静かにしている
3 work on ~ : ~に取り組む汚い
4 filthy : ~汚い
5 accumulate : ~を溜める
6 stain : 染み・汚れ・跡
7 thingy : ~みたいなもの
8 tricky : 人を騙すような
9 cheat : ズルをする
10 grain : 木目
◆11 compensate for ~ : ~を埋め合わせる
◆12 be covered with sweat : 汗だくになる
◆13 it’s worth it : それだけの価値がある
◆14 varnish : ニス
15 distinctive : 独特な




14)machine が「ミシン」になってしまったように、varnish が「ニス」に。











 お盆休みに、実は、初めはやる気になっていなかったのですが、1日ゆっくりしたら、元気が戻って来て。(笑) じっとしていられないという性分が遺伝子にしっかり入っているので、取り掛かってしまいました。










 テーブルにヤスリを掛けてからしばらく経ったいました。汚い汚れではなく、グラスの底の跡や濡れて時間の経った跡、さらに金属のものから付いた真っ茶色の跡なんかがたくさん付いてきちゃったんです。ヘアピンから付いたくせものの跡もあり。むかし私が一晩ヘアピンをテーブルの上に置きっぱなしにしてしまったら、ヘアピンの形がきれいに跡になって残ってしまって。(笑) そのあと何度私たちはそのヘアピンを取ろうと引っ掛かったことか。
































































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