◆House Project, Summer 2019(2)


House Project, Summer 2019(2)

  The second half of the story continuing from the former1 blog…
  The idea of replacing2 the carpet on the second floor had been hanging around3 in our minds since 2 years ago when we changed the carpet on the first floor. (You can find my blog of August, 2017.) We started that work not knowing if we could really do it beautifully or not, but it turned out4 pretty good. Then, we were talking about doing the same project on the second floor.
  We bought what they call "carpet tiles" which are cut in squares of 50cm × 50cm, so they are easy to use. However, the tricky5 part is cutting them in the right shape to fit exactly around corners and doors and things. The most troublesome part is when there are small irregular thingies.
  Instead6, when it fits like a glove7, it feels soooo good!!
Will knew, since the last time we changed the carpet 2 years ago, that this is not his kind of work. He decided to be an assistant, bringing me cold pieces of watermelon and delivering them into my mouth while I was working. 
  … and here it is! Every time we go upstairs, we say "It’s wonderful!" and enjoy stepping on the newly spread fluffy8 carpet.
  I already ordered some more of the carpet tiles from the store. In Silver Week, I will change the carpet in the bedroom, too. Around that time, the little treat9 which my loyal assistant prepares for me will be pears, maybe?



1 former : 前の
2 replace : ~を取り替える
3 hang around : 近くにある・付きまとう
4 turn out ~ : ~であると判明する
5 tricky : コツを要する
6 instead : 代わりに
7 fit like a glove : ピッタリと合う
8 fluffy : ふかふかの
9 treat : 楽しみに食べる甘いもの
























































































































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