◆House Project This Fall


House Project This Fall


  This time, it was the staircase1 again! But just one long step.
  I started the project during Silver Week, but I was only able to get started. Maybe because of the long and severe summer heat, I was out of sorts2, sort of, (believe it or not, I had a migraine3 for 25 days of the month!) and I couldn’t get enough umph4 for a house project. So, I told myself that it’s OK not to push myself and it’s OK to go slow5 (which I usually don’t like). Finally, last week, I finished it.
  I spent one day, which was during Silver Week, just scraping off6 the old surface. This is actually the hardest part of this whole job. I have done this job many times, and it really takes a lot of power to take the old layer7 of stain off. So I used a machine. I’m not supposed to sand8 in a circle across the grain9, but I couldn’t resist10 relying on a machine after I learned that it makes my job 10 times easier.
  Day 2 (another weekend) — I hand-sanded the surface of the stair and made it evenly smooth. Also, I tried to erase the round sanded lines made by the electric sander. When I get to this point, the last fun part of the job is waiting for me!
  Day 3 (on a weekday, on my break) — I applied11 stain. Basically, I ran a brush back and forth12, being careful on the edge not to touch the wall and the railing with the stain brush.
… and voila!

   I had almost given up the falll house project, but when I saw the result, I was glad I did it!
   It took 5 years to come down this far from the top of the stairs. There are 7 more stairs to go. Whew!! (^-^;) Slow and steady is the way to go.



1 staircase : 階段(全体)
2 be out of sorts : 体調が悪い
3 migraine  : 偏頭痛
4 umph = oomph  : 力、一押し
5 go slow = go slowly
6 scrape off : ~を削る
7 layer  :
8 sand  : ヤスリをかける
◆9 grain : 木目
10 resist : ~に抵抗する
11 apply  : ~を塗る
12 back and forth  : 行ったり来たり



























 2日目(別の週末)— 手で階段の表面にヤスリをかけ、均等にスムーズにしました。また、電気の工具を使った後で出来た丸いヤスリの跡を消すようにしてみました。ここまで来れば、最後の楽しい作業が私を待っています!

















 3日目(平日、休憩時間に)— ニスを塗る作業。基本的に、刷毛を前後に動かすだけ。ニスのついた刷毛が壁やレールに触れないよう気を付けながら。






















 階段の上からここまでくるのに5年かかりました。あと7段あります。汗!!(^-^;)  のんびり行きます。












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