◆How We Spend Our New Year’s Eve


How We Spend Our New Year’s Eve

  How are you enjoying your New Year’s Eve? Maybe you’re busy preparing1 New Year’s dishes2? Or are you trying to finish your cleaning project?
  In recent years, I do my serious cleaning when it is warm, and I skip the big cleaning project at the end of the year. As far as preparing New Year’s dishes goes3, my mom always invites us to her house, so I can skip that part, too. (Thanks, mom!)
  Actually, I often work until the 29th or 30th, so I just want to do something completely different than usual when I’m finally off. Recenly, it’s our tradition4 on New Year’s Eve to get out of the house and visit a shopping mall where we seldom go. That way we can have a different experience. And also, we never go shopping without a purpose5, so it’s fun to just walk around in the mall together just like when we were young.
  As we walk, if we find something interesting, we stop. When we get hungry, we sit down in a restaurant or cafe. What is really nice about this day out6 is we don’t have to worry about time.
  Today, after spending a couple of hours enjoying windowshopping,  we dropped by7 Second Street. I found a humidifier8 which I had been interested in for a long long time for only 900 yen. (It was priced at9 1,300 yen, but there was a little problem, and the shop guy gave me a discount!) It’s so ironical10 that I brought something back home when most people are trying to get rid of11 some stuff12 at the end of the year. Will also laughed at me, but it was a good buy13!
  Now, until the countdown at the 12 o’clock we are going to kick back14 and enjoy our slow life. Of course, with our new humidifier!
  Hope you are having a fun time on New Year’s Eve with your family or important person/people. Happy New Year!


1 be busy doing : ~して忙しい
2 New Year’s dishes  : おせち料理
3 as far as S goes : ~に関しては
4 tradition : 慣例
5 purpose  : 目的
6 a day out : 外出
7 drop by :バックパックを背負って旅行する
8 humidifier : 完成した(形)
9 price ~ at 〇 : ~を〇円に値段を付ける
10 ironical : 皮肉な・反語的な
11 get rid of ~ : ~をなくす
12 stuff = things : トナカイ
13 buy  : 買ったもの
◆14 kick back : くつろぐ



















































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