◆I Am Excited!


I Am Excited!

  I usually write a blog AFTER something interesting or special happens, but this time, it’s different. You know why? Because there is an event coming which I am so excited about!
  This coming Sunday, I’m going to audit1 saxophone lessons by one of Japan’s greatest saxophone players, Masato Honda. Even if you can’t recognize2 his name, I’m sure you know him by a piece3 of music he played when he was a member of T-SQUARE, a famous instrumental4 band. The piece is called "Truth" and is famous for being used as the theme song in Japan for the F1 Grand Prix.
  Very luckily, I have had three chances to listen to him playing in person so far. I even played with him as a member of a large ensemble group 3 years ago! His performances were really amazing. His sound was amazing. I was moved or even I can say I was almost mesmerized5.
  Anyway, after I registered6 to audit the lessons, I quickly bought his book, which lessons will be based on7 this time, and I have been keeping it in my bag wherever I go8 and trying to get myself ready to learn as much as I can when auditing9 the lessons.
  I just can’t believe I have this great opportunity! In reality, I’m not good enough to take his lesson but I can sit there listening to some players who are obviously10 very good and see what advice the professional player gives.
  I wonder if I will be able to sleep the night before.


1 audit : ~を聴講する
2 recognize : ~に気付く
3 a piece :一曲
4 instrumental : 楽器の
5 mesmerised : 催眠にかけられた
6 register : 申し込む・登録する
7 be based on ~ : ~に基づく
8 wherever I go : どこに行こうとも
9 when doing = when S + V
10 obviously : 明らかに







 この日曜日、日本の素晴らしいサックス奏者の一人である本田雅人さんによるレッスンを聴講するんです。もし名前に反応出来なくても、有名なインスツルメンタルバンド T-SQUAREのメンバーだった時に彼が演奏した曲で彼のことが知っているはず。それは、『TRUTH』という曲で、F1グランプリの日本でのテーマソングとして使われたことで有名です。







































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