◆I Blew It!


I Blew It!


  When I write a blog, I pay attention to1 the words and expressions I use so that readers can build up their vocabulary.
  So it’s not a bad idea to pick up2 a topic totally different from usual. You might learn some new terms3.
  Well, today I’m going to talk about my blooper4.
  We both love beans, especially green ones such as Edamame and Aobatamame. Sometimes it’s interesting how foreigners describe5 Japanese food. Will often says Edamame is buttery6. First I didn’t get it, but compared to7 soy beans, chickpeas8 or lentils9, which are kind of dry and crumble10 in the mouth, they sure are thick, rich, and sweet.
  Anyway, a couple of days ago, I prepared one of his favorite green beans, Aobatamame. I started cooking late at night. Making good use of11 time after a shower when I normally just poop around12, I put a pot ofAobatamame on the stove, and I left the kitchen.
  I was watching a night news program, enjoying my night snack which is yogurt and granola. Then, I started smelling from somewhere some nice and rich "smokey" buttery aroma. It took a little while to realize that the smell was coming from the pot in the kitchen!
  I dashed into the kitchen and turned off the heat. they were burned, but I thought I could salvage13 some, so I carefully sorted them out14, burned and not burned, and prepared thea slightly smokey version of Aobatamame. Too much smoked food is supposed to be bad because of the carcinogens15, but we were unexpectedly enjoying a slightly different Aobatamame dish with a "deep" aroma.
  Will declared them "camfire Aobatamame" — and a sucess!

1 pay attention to ~  : ~に注意を払う
2 pick up = choose
3 terms : 言葉
4 blooper  : へま
5 describe : ~を描写する
6 butterly : バターを沢山含んだ 
7 compared to ~ : ~に比べると
8 chickpeas : ひよこ豆
9 lentils : レンズ豆
10 crumble  : くずれる 
11 make good use of ~ : ~を有効に使う
12 poop around : 目的もなくダラダラする
13 salvage : ~を救う
14 sort out : ~を分ける 
15 carcinogen : 発癌性物質

8 子どものdogがpuppy, 子どものcatがkitten, chickも子どもです!
9 フランス語でそのままlentilでレンズ。昔、「へ~、豆がレンズの形をしているからこういうの?」と言ったら、「自然界にあるものの方が先だよ!」(=レンズの方が後に付けられた名前)と笑われました・・・。




































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