◆Jack-o’-lanterns 2019


Jack-o’-lanterns 2019

  We have talked about Will’s pumkin-growing project several times so far, and now this is the final report. They turned into1 jack-o’-lanterns!
  We got 4 pumkins, and Will was working really hard to save 2 of them — which had started rotting2 and looking shaky3 — hoping that they would make it to4 Halloween. Since they made it to October (but it was a tall order5 to keep them until the END of October), Will decided to carve6 them and put them out.
  With the help of 2 students, the first jack-o’-lantern was born. Our biggest pumpkin ever!
  At night, it looked even more fun! It looked a bit like The Cat Bus from Totoro.
  The next day, Will carved an owl7 on the other. We enjoyed them for a week or so but the weather being so warm, they didn’t last very long…

  The other two pumpkins had no problems, so we waited until it was getting close to Halloween. On a holiday, we decided to share this fun carving experience with another student and invited her to dig in8. Thanks to her elaborate9 work, the third jack-o’-lantern was born!


  And finally, on the last Sunday of October, Will carved the last pumkin. Totally understanding the meaning of Halloween, our cat Tasha made a scary expression10 when I took a photo. Way to go11, Tasha!
  Now, the last jack-o’-lantern is sitting outside and scaring the bad spirits away12 to protect our house!
  … and thanks to Will, this year we were able to enjoy 4 pumpkins, one of which was the biggest pumpkin ever.
  Good job, Will. Trick or treat! Of course, I’ll get some treats13 for you for your hard work.

1 turn into ~ : ~に変わる
2 rot : 腐る
3 shaky : ぐらつく・不確実な
4 make it : うまくやる
5 a tall order : 無理なこと(注文)
6 carve : ~を彫る
7 an owl : フクロウ
8 dig in : 彫る・取り掛かる
9 elaborate : 入念な
10 expression : 表情
11 way to go : そう来なきゃ
12 scare+ ~ + away  : ~を怖がらせて追い払う
13 treats :(甘い)お菓子

ジャコランタン 2019








 4つカボチャが出来、そのうちの2つ — 腐り始まって危うくなってきたもの — をハロウィーンまで持たせようと、ウィルは必至で救済しました。10月に入ったので(10月末まで持たせるのは無理だと)、ウィルはカボチャを彫ってしまって外に飾ることにしました。




























































































































 よく頑張ったね~、ウィル。Trick or treat! 一生懸命やってくれたから何かおやつあげなきゃね。



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