◆Jazz Festival 2017


Jezz Festival 2017


 On Sunday afternoon, we went downtown1 to enjoy the Jazz Festival. This is one of our annual events to enjoy. The whole town is filled with2 music. As we walk, music comes from every corner. When we bump into3 some music we like, we stop and listen. We can also enjoy a nice autumn breeze4 when it gets dark. We started doing this when Will first came to Japan in 1992. Wow! Our long history.

 This time, we started with Jazz. We listened for a while, and then we walked over to see our friend’s band that plays mainly blues. After they finished, we went back to the Jazz area again, and enjoyed the music while talking with our friend, sitting on the curb with drinks. Since cars can’t run on that big street during the festival, it is really relaxing.


  While we were sitting there, an old friend whom we hadn’t seen for a long time passed by5 and chatted for a while. We also met our students’ family, and not only that, while we were there, 3 huge dogs walked by6. They were soooo cute! I thing they are probably Great Danes and an English Sheepdog.There are so many things to see and do at the Jazz Festival!





  After we said good-bye to our friend, we stayed there until 8:00. This year, we really enjoyed ourselves7. We didn’t realized we had spent 5 hours downtown.


  We had so much fun that8 we forgot to get our bikes out of the bike parking lot. When we realized what time it was and ran over there9, we were too late — it was closed, so we had to take the subway home.  Oh, well. Anyway, it was a really nice weekend!



1 go downtown  : 街に行く
2 be filled with ~  : ~で満たされている
3 bump into ~ : ~に出くわす
4 a breeze  : そよ風
5 pass by  : 通りかかる
6 walk by : そばを歩いていく
7 enjoy oneself : 楽しむ 
8 so ~ that ・・・ : あまりに~なので・・・
9 run over there : そこまで走っていく

1 downtownは副詞で「街」と to を内蔵しています。ですから、go to downtown は間違いになります。他にも、go とよく一緒に出て来る副詞には、upstaires, downstaires, overseas, abroad, home などがあります。go は日常よく使う言葉です。正確に使えるように意識しましょう!
7 日本語は「楽しかった。」で文章が終わるので、英語もI enjoyed. と止まってしまう方が多いです。レストランでウェイター/ウェイトレスが料理を運んでくれた時に“Enjoy!” と言う以外は、必ず目的語を取ります。気を付けて使いましょう!
9 基本には run to ~ が入っています。そこに、ちょっと距離感を出すover が加わって run over to ~ ⇒ 場所を具体的に言わず「そこに」としたので、to ~ が to 内蔵型の副詞 there に置き換わって、表面的には run over there と見えている訳です。

ジャズフェス 2017











































 あまり楽しみすぎて、駐輪場から自転車を出すのを忘れてしまいました。時間に気付き駐輪場まで走って行った時は、時すでに遅し — もう閉められて、家まで地下鉄で帰る羽目になりました。まあまあ、仕方がない。でも、とてもいい週末になりました







































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