◆Jupiter and its moons


Jupiter and Its Moons

  On Thursday night, around 10 o’clock, while I was preparing my classes for the following1 day, Will shouted from downstairs, "Would you like to see Jupitar’s moons?"
  Actually, Will got to know2 from some news site on the Internet that something special was going on3 in the sky.
  … so I stopped my prep4 in the middle5 and went outside. Will was already out there, setting his telescope up. He said, "Come look! We can see them."
  With my naked eye, I could see Jupiter, a bright star in the sky, but through the telescope, OMG!6 An amazing sight!
  This is what we saw:
  According to the article7, a few days before that, they could be seen even more clearly. Jupiter is the big one in the center and the moons are small dots around it.

  I took several photos with my iPhone through the telescope lenz, which is called digiscoping. Every 5 minutes or so, I had to reset the telescope because they moved. I also had to hold my breath for a while to take photos because these small images could be easily blurred8 when I breathed. 
  I wanted to have them in a photo, but the real image directly on the lenz of the telescope was really clear and breathtaking9!
  Speaking of breathtaking, the moon also looked great. Here is a photo of the moon which Will took that night. Amazing, isn’t it?
  I think that sometimes I have to stop and remember to have this kind of moment which moves and also soothes10 our heart. It’s nice not to think about the little things in our daily life and just look at nature around us. It’s right there! We just need 10 minutes!


1 the following ~ : 次の~
2 get to know : ~を知る
3 go on : 進行する
4 prep = preparation
5 in the middle : 途中で
6 OMG! : Oh, my God!
7 article : 記事
8 blurred : ぼやけた
9 breathtaking : 息をのむような
10 soothe : ~を落ち着かせる・なだめる





















































 時々、手を止めて、こういう感動と心癒される時間を持つことを思い出さなければいけないなと思いました。日常の些細なことを考えるのを止めて、周りにある自然をただ眺める —- いいですよね~。自然はすぐそこ!ほんの10分だけ!















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