◆Just like the Story of the Crane?


Just like the Story of the Crane?


  Recently, spiders are getting really active and just overnight1 they make cobwebs2 at the windows of my room, where I keep the lights on all the time at night.
  I hate to see bugs3 in the cobwebs, not just for the aesthetic4 reason but because I hate to see them sacrifice5 their lives. But also, I don’t like to destroy the cobwebs because the spiders also have to live. So I have a rule. If a bug caught in the cobweb is relatively6 big and still alive, I save it — against the natural law.
  One day, recently, I saw a lacewing7 in the web and when I touched the web, it moved. OK! It’s alive. Here I come to help you! I saved it from the web and worked hard to clean the sticky8 strings out of its wings and legs. This is really elaborate9 work. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes. I lay it on a piece of tissue and using a sewing needle, I take the spider’s sticky strings away one by one.
  The bug had already lost one front leg and its antena was bent. However, after my operation, it was able to walk around and started moving its wings. Cool! It can still make it. I took it outside and put it on the flower of a hydrangea.
  Then, the next morning, I spotted10 another lacewing on the outside frame of the window. It was just resting peacefully next to its old shell11 that it had just shed12. What a coincidence! The same kind of bug visited me. (If it had been the same bug I had saved the day before, I would have been happier.)
  p.s. Soon after this, at college where I teach, when I was hurrying to the classroom, the sleeve of my blouse got caught on the door handle  (not the knob style) and I couldn’t move. Another teacher passed by13 a few seconds later and helped me out. My geogette blouse got a hole in it. I thought of myself as a bug with damaged wings in the spider web. I kind of understood the feeling of those bugs.


1 overnight : 一夜のうちに
2 cobweb = spiderweb
3 bug :
4 aesthetic : 美的な
5 sacrifice  : ~を犠牲にする
6 relatively : 比較的
7 lacewing  : カゲロウ
8 sticky  : ベタベタする
9 elaborate : 入念な・手の込んた
◆10 spot : ~を発見する
11 shell  : 殻・外皮
12 shed  : ~を脱ぐ
13 pass by : 通りかかる









 クモの巣に掛かった虫を見るのは嫌なものです。見た目にということではなく、いけにえになってしまっているのを見るのが嫌なんです。でも、クモの巣を取ってしまうのも好きではありません。クモたちも生きていかなければなりませんから。ですから、私はルールを持っています。クモの巣に掛かった虫が比較的大きくてまだ生きていれば、助けます。— 自然の摂理には反しますが。
































追記 この後すぐ、私が教えている専門学校で、教室へと急いでいた時に、私のブラウスの袖がドアの取っ手(ドアノブではないレバータイプ)に引っ掛かってしまい、身動きが取れなくなりました。数秒後、他の先生が通りかかり、助けてくれましたが、私のジョーゼット生地のブラウスには穴が開いてしまいました。なんだか自分がクモの巣に引っ掛かった羽にダメージを受けた虫のように思えました。彼らの気持ちが分かるような気がしました。


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