◆Like a Gem


Like a Gem


 I’m really sick of this cold cold winter, and probably so is everybody else1.


  So far, to get my mind off of2 that, I have been trying to do something different from usual. Sometimes, I take a different route3 on the way home. Sometimes, I pop into4 a new store which I have never been to. Sometimes, I buy things which I have never tried. I’m trying to have a moment when I can feel a little excitement!


  However, next to me, there are some things that patiently live through the winter — plants. I always admire the plants around us at this time of the season. The temperature is low, so they don’t look full of energy. They are just being quiet, but surely they are getting ready for spring.   


  The other day, in the morning, I noticed that one of my succulents5 was sitting really beautifully in the morning sunlight.  



  Around January when it was getting freezingly6 cold, I took it inside the house from outside because it can be killed by the frost. You know succulants hold a lot of water in them. But still it was sitting in a cold spot of the house. Suddenly it got a spot of light from the sun and it was shining like a gem7. It was telling me "I am here!". I was moved!



  p.s. Ha ha! No wonder I wanted to call that a gem. I remember its name! Ruby necklace!

1 so V + S : Sもまた同様にVである
2 get ~ off of … : …から~を取り去る
3 route : 道・経路
4 pop into ~ : ~に立ち寄る
5 succulent : 多肉植物
6 freezingly : 凍り付くように
7 gem : 宝石

2 get ~ off(~を取り去る)と of ~(~から)が一緒に出て来ているかたちです。初めのoffは副詞、後半のofは前置詞。
3 「ルウトゥ」と「ラウトゥ」と二通りの発音があります。意味の違いは出てこないので、どちらでもお好きな方を。
4 popは「ポン!」と軽い動きを表現する言葉。
5 suc-はsuckから。水を吸い上げているイメージ。
6 とても寒い時、また熱があって寒気がしている時に “I’m freezing.”という使い方もしますよ。形容詞に-lyを付けると副詞(~に・く)に変わります。





























p.s. そうか!(笑)分かりました。どうして宝石と呼びたくなったか。この多肉植物の名前を思い出しました!ルビー・ネックレスです!











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