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They Are Like Gems

  Recently, I’m like a jeweler1. Look! I often make these at home. They are called Kohaku To — literally translated, Amber2 Sugar, but I think they should be called "Candy Crystals3" !
  Requested by the youngest member of the family, I started trying, referring to4 recipes5 on Instagram and YouTube. 
  The first time :
  I didn’t pay attention to the details of the ingredients6. I didn’t put enough sugar and I put too much Kanten, (a kind of JELL-O powder, made of agar7 weed.) They turned out like gummies8, so I enjoyed them as gummies. The reddish purple color was from Welch grape juice.
  The second time :
Close but not perfect.
  The third time :
  They looked good, but a little  soft. Maybe I stirred too much when it was on the stove9. I made a double batch10, so I had a lot of rejects11. However, no worries!! A junior high school student kept eating them! Thanks!
  The forth time :
  Maybe the best ones so far, but I still want to make them a bit harder.
  The recipe is simple, but I need to learn the ropes12!
  These shiny and colorful transparent jems make my life colorful13, too! I feel excited to have these around. Ah, by the way, the food colors are all natural. Amazing, huh?
  There are a lot of photos and movies of this treat on SNS. You can enjoy the wonderland of Kohaku To. Fun and beautiful!
  After watching them, I bet14 you’ll soon be a jeweler, too!! (^-^)v

1 jeweler : 宝石商
2 amber  : 琥珀
3 crystal  : 水晶
4 refer to : ~を参照する
5 recipe  : 作り方
6 ingredient : 材料
7 agar : テングサ
8 gummy  : グミ
9 stove : コンロ
10 batch : 1回分の量 
11 reject : 不合格品
12 know the ropes : コツを覚える
13 colorful  : 生き生きとした・興味深い
◆14 I bet = I’m sure





 最近、私は宝石商のようです。見てください!よくコレを家で作っています。「琥珀糖」と呼ばれるお菓子です。— 文字通り訳すとAmber Sugar。でも Candy Crystals(水晶の飴)とでも呼んだ方がしっくりくるような。


























































 良さそうに見えますが、ちょっと柔らかい。コンロで火にかけていた時掻き混ぜ過ぎたかも知れない。2回分で作ったので、失敗作がたくさん。でも、心配不要!! 中学生が次から次にパクパク食べてくれました。

































 見た後は、きっと皆さんもすぐに宝石商になってしまうかも!! (^-^)v









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