◆Mont Saint-Michel?


Mont Saint-Michel?


  My recent great dicovery was …. Mont Saint-Michel — right before our eyes!


  I know you are going, "huh?" (ha ha ha!)  Well, there is a little trick.


  Voila! What do you think?


  This spring, I often walked our dog, Ichigo. Since the season was getting pleasant1, I was enjoying our neighborhood with new eyes. I took a lot of photos of what moved2 me. One morning, the air was clear and the sky was also pretty3. To put everything in one shot, I used the panorama function, which shrunk4 the scene horizontally5 ….


…and the island of Mont Saint-Michel appeared! The Hirose River and the grass fields looks like the shallow6 water around it, and even the TV tower looks like the spire7 over the church.


  When we were young, we went on a world tour, backpacking. At that time, we stopped in France and I went to a French language school, Alliance Francaise. One day, they organized a one-day bus tour to Mont Saint Michel and me and Will visited there.


  Through this photo, I kind of8 remembered that exciting feeling when we got off the bus and stood in front of the island.  



1 pleasant : 心地よい
2 move : ~の心を動かす
3 pretty : 串に刺さった
4 shrunk : shring(縮ませる)の過去形
5 horizontally : 水平方向に
6 shallow : 浅い
7 spire : 尖塔
8 kind of : 何となく


























※Mont = mount, Saint = saint, Michel = (Michael) 、すなわち「聖ミッシェル(ミッシェル聖人)の山」という意味です。




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