◆My Autumn Life



My Autumn Life


   At the beginning of fall, which is the transition1 period from the scorching2 heat to sudden cool temperatures, I’m sure that everybody went throught3 the hard time of coming out of the transition fatigue4, adjusting themselves to this cool weather. Finally, I’m also settling down in5 this season and starting to enjoy the autumn.


  One of the things that makes us feel the change of the season is what we eat. My mom made us sticky rice6 with chestnuts7 and a big bowl of soup with salmon


  Even at the school where I teach, in the teachers’ room, we had a fun moment at lunch time eating8 nice bright yellow steamed bread with pumkin. My Chinese co-worker made it and brought it to us.  


  This nice color and Goji berries9 (Goji berries are a "superfood") gave me a boost10!! Since I was sitting close to her, she gave me one more piece after I gobbled11 mine! Xie Xie! (Actually, she often "feeds" us delicious homemade food — like real Chinese dumplings.)


  At home, even in our bathroom, we can tell the autumn is here.  Our toilet sink has got the autumn version of the display. I made it with a Japanese Zen image. Red maple leaves and orange persimmons12 really mean autumn to me.






1 transition : 移行
2 scorching : 焼けつくような
3 go through ~ : ~を乗り越える
4 fatigue : 疲れ
5 settle down in ~ : ~に落ち着く
6 sticky rice : もち米
7 chestnuts : 栗
8 have + 時間 + doing : ~して(時間)を送る
◆9 Goji berries : クコの実
10 give + 人 + a boost : ~に元気をくれる
◆11 gobble : かぶりつく、丸飲みする
persimmons : 柿


7&9 一応言葉はありますが、何のことかピンとくるEnglish speakersは少ないと思います。ちなみに日本語で使っているマロン(marron)はフランス語です。 









































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