◆My Life in Self Quarantine


My Life in Self Quarantine

  During this period of self quarentine1, like other people, my life is quite changed. Of course, we don’t see many people in person2. After we started teaching online3, there is always a loud voice in the house, talking at4 a computer. There are many different aspects5 to our life compared to life before.
  One positive aspects of this change is I learned a lot about computers and SNSs. Right now, I’m using LINE, Skype, Zoom, and Google Classroom. There are so many functions6 that I hadn’t tried before. I’m getting computer-literate to a certain degree, which7 I’m really happy about.
  And also, there have been a lot of first experiences in the last two months!!
  Talking with my friends who live far away on group LINE, sometimes dressed in rice balls or sometimes changed into Elvis Presley.
  Taking lessons online — for my saxophone and my French.
Especially, for my saxophone lesson, I push the table back and set up a music stand, and my language teaching classroom turns into8 a temporary music room. Kind of9 fun!
  Getting take-out meals. We have enjoyed Indian food three times so far. Yummy!
  And trying some new recipes. I’m trying to have some fun in my life, sometimes just simply letting my stress go10. So far11, I have baked scones and Basque Cheese Cake. The scones were a big hit12!



1 self(-)quarantine :自粛
2 in person  : 直接会って
3 online : (副)オンラインで
4 talk at ~ : ~に向かって話す

5 aspect  : 様子・局面
6 function : 機能
7 , which : そして、それは
8 turn into ~ : ~に変わる
9 kind of : ~って感じ
10 let + O + do  : …を~させる
11 so far : 今までのところ
◆12 a bit hit : 大成功・大人気

7 関係代名詞・非制限用法(前に意味を引っ掛けていかない)。今回は前述の文全体を指す。









































































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