◆My Life Is Finally Settling Down



My Life Is Finally Settling Down


   Sorry, people who are waiting for my blog to be updated1 to study English with it! (←It’s so wordy2… (^-^;) ) Writing a blog for our homepage is always on my to-do list3, but this month I just couldn’t do it. m(- -)m


  Until the 10th, I was keeping my nose to the grindstone4 for my Spanish test.


  Until the 20th, I was working on a translation job. I’m a night owl5, but I was a "super-duper6" night owl during that period.


  After that, we found out that our dog had pancreatitis7 and I had to take her to the vet literally(!) every day for a week for an IV8 and shots, finding some spare time between classes.


  My November flew away in the blink of an eye9!



  So there was not much to talk about, but I’ll talk about the things that helped me get through10 that stressful period — plants! (of course, I mean other than Will, our dog, our cat and friends)


  Sometimes, I enjoyed the energy of the plants. New sprouts came out at the stem of the plant or where I cut (because a branch was getting too long).   


  Sometimes, I was healed by the touch of the plants. When you touch them, they are like velvet.



  Sometimes, I simply wondered about the magic of nature — how they can make this color, how they can be in this shape.




  I have so many plants in my room. When I’m really tired, I even bring one or two plants just next to me on the desk and keep working. They have some special energy in them. That makes me feel really nice!


  You know, that’s why people who like flowers and plants keep buying them even though they say "I have no more space to keep them.", right?


1 wait for O to do : ~が…するのを待つ
2 wordy : 言葉の多い
3 a to-do list : やることリスト
4 keep one’s nose to the grindstone : あくせく物事に従事する
5 a night owl : 夜更かしをする人
6 super-duper : 極上の
7 pancreatitis : 膵炎
8 IV = intravenous(点滴)
◆9 in the blink of an eye : 瞬く間に
10 get through ~ : ~を切り抜ける、終わらせる






 英語の勉強のためにブログのアップデートを待っていた方々、すみません。(←なんてごちゃごちゃした言い方…(^-^;) ) ホームページにブログを書くことはいつも私の「やることリスト」に入っているのですが、今月は本当に出来ませんでした。m(- -)m

















 — 茎の下や枝が伸びきってしまって切ったところから新しい芽が顔を出し —












 — 触るとビロードのよう —











 — どうやってこんな色になるのか、またどうやってこんな形になるのか —


















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